About us                                                                                                                

Of The Dark Moon

 Established 2010.
Our Ferretry is registered at The American Ferret Association


About ferret breeding we are interested 10 years ago.

We got our first ferret 2008.

Background in greyhound breeding.

We are small hobby breeder that planned produces 2 - 5 litters

each year. We have champagnes, black sables, sables, black roan mitts, silvermitts,

although other colors and patterns may be available.

We breed standard, half angora and angora ferrets

We have American, England, Czech, Netherlands, Scotish bloodlines.


All our ferrets are socialized very well.

Our first litter was born March 22, 2011.


November 2011 we imported 2 kits from Shady Hollow´s Ferretry

from Maryland, United States of America and 2 girls from United Kingdom.


Our kits will handled daily from birth to their placement to assure

they are happy, loving and have good temperaments.

All kits will have at least their first canine distemper vaccine,

identification microchip, passport, pedigree and registration in ferret stud book.

Prior to going to their new homes at 8 weeks of age and more.


If you are interested in purchasing a kit from us, please make

sure you have read our site and any good book about ferrets.