Our Breeder Etics                                                                                                     



Our goal is to only breed for the betterment of the breed.

We do not knowingly breed any ferrets that may transmit

genetic defects.


Our kit´s are handled daily from birth to their placement

to assure they are happy, loving and have good temperaments.

Kits are not available for placement until they reach 8 weeks of age.


We offer a money back 15 day no questions asked return policy

from the date of purchase.


All kit´s come with first canine distemper vaccine, EU pet pass, pedigree

and identification microchip. All kit´s are socialized very well.

We require a contract signed on the day of purchase stating the kit

will be spayed or neutered after they reach maturity, 9 months for females

and 10 months for males.


It is requested our kits not be descented unless for medical reasons.

We are very concerned as to the placements of our kits to insure

they go to forever loving homes.


After you inquire to purchase a kit we will request you complete

a questionaire to assure a ferret is right for you.

We are always open for any comments, questions or assistence

you may need.


For any reason you want to relinquish your ferret regardless

of it´s age or condition you must contact us for return of

the ferret. If you have found what you believe to be a loving

home to place your ferret, we request one interview with

and approval of the prospective new owner.


After a placement of a kit from us you become a part of

" Of The Dark Moon " ferretry. We are a small hobby breeder

that believes there are certain ethical standards that must

be followed to assure our kit´s brought into this world are

healthy, happy and go to forever loving homes.


All of our ferrets are spoiled not just as pets but as children.

We are looking for their kits the same owner as we are.





However, we can deliver kit´s at any Ferret Show or at new home if

it´s possible.


Monika & Jirka

Of The Dark Moon

We may not be the largest hobby breeder in the Czech Republic
but we trying very hard to be the very best.